I’ve been very lucky to work with some great actors, writers, directors and producers. Please see below for some testimonials I have received. Where possible I have included a picture with a link to their profile page.



Adam it was a pleasure working with you. You kept your cool under really severe circumstances like our endless cold night shoots and gruesome shooting schedule. But above all you are a great actor! Not only I but the whole crew and cast were impressed by how you created your character. Much love and hopefully we will meet again both personally and professionally.

Nick Jongerius, Director: The Windmill Massacre

Nick Jongerius







Adam played a major role in Altar and was with us for 4 weeks in Yorkshire. He’s one of the most talented young actors I’ve ever worked with, courteous, hardworking, imaginative and focused. There were many moments when he had to well-up with fear, not cry, but – as is often the case with moments of terror – let that distress bubble under the surface. It would have been something that an accomplished adult actor would have found hard, but Adam did it so convincingly that sometimes I was concerned that he wasn’t acting at all but doing it for real. He was just acting of course, but the effect on screen is mesmerising.

Nick Willing – Director

Nick Willing









I had the pleasure to work with Adam Thomas Wright in the production of the feature film “The Physician” and found him one of the more pleasant actors I’ve ever worked with. Not only did he turn out to be a very skilled actor with great presence and enormous stamina, he also, with his intelligence and positive attitude, made the set a better place to be on. Adam is a rare creature with an enormous potential and I think he has the possibility to for many years light up flm sets with his performances. I warmly recommend him to whoever is looking for a young man of his caliber. If you have any questions regarding him and his abilities, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Stellan Skarsgård – Actor






I am an Austrian, Tokyo based TVC Director. This Summer I produced and directed the science fiction short film ‘The Shaman’ and had the pleasure to work with the highly talented Adam Thomas Wright. We chose Adam for the role of a soldier kid dying in a trench in a future war. In this very emotional, complex dialogue scene, Adam surprised us all with a great performance and he acted like a pro. Adam was perfectly prepared, patient and very easy to work with. Adam is by far the most talented and professional kid I have ever shot with. I am convinced that this boy has great career ahead of him and will surely work with him again.

Marco Kalantari, Minato-ku, Toyko, Japan

Marco Kalantari








I worked with Adam earlier this year in a T.V drama for BBC. He played one of the leads and was exceptional. He is a delight to work with; totally professional, extremely creative, with a great instinct and intelligence when creating a character. He was truthful, charismatic and had a great sense of the humour in the script as well as the drama. He will go far I’ve no doubt and I look forward to working with him again.

Julia Ford – Director BBC Stepping Up

Julia Ford












Adam Thomas Wright first came to my attention when we were casting for the short film “No Ball Games”. We cast Adam due to his excellent ability to portray the central character of the film and his unique understanding of the role. He was without question perfect, his ability, talent and subtlety was magnificent and we were very lucky to have found such a professional gifted individual. He is a very skilled and proficient actor with a great future ahead of him, he has the gift, which is very rare, to be magical on camera and enigmatic off it. He added so much to the film we are indebted to him for the success it has had after its completion, “No Ball Games” is currently on the international short film festival circuit.

Richard Pengelley – Writer/Director

No ball games 061 - Copy











Finding a talent like Adam Thomas Wright is genuinely rare. Having auditioned numerous actors over my career, coming across someone like Adam, regardless of his age, is every directors dream. He is incredibly astute, mature and very observant. His ability to translate stage directions into action is incredible. It’s very easy working with Adam as he clearly understands the language of cinema more than many adult actors. I truly believe he’s going to go very far.

Gabriel Gauchet – BAFTA nominated 2012    2013 MOET Winner  British Independent Film Awards





I directed Adam in the feature film The Awakening in 2010. I found him to be a terrific, hard working young actor and a pleasure to work with. His wasn’t a huge part but he was in a great many scenes, many of which required patience and focus. Adam didn’t drop either for a second. His presence on set, even when not in front of the camera, was hugely positive as he got on well with other actors and crew. I wish him well and recommend him unreservedly to other directors.

Nick Murphy – Director & co-writer, The Awakening






Adam, I was really impressed not only with your acting but more so how you conducted yourself. It was a real pleasure to meet and work with you. Let’s do it again. Please do stay in touch regardless.

Andrew T Wright – Writer

Andrew T Wright











Adam did very well he is a good actor and an own and special character. He has the ability to be very expressive even with small and subtle gestures. He made the scene special. I am very happy with his performance.

Cadmo Quintero (Germany) Filmed in Spain






Dear Adam,
Thank you so much for coming in and reading for us on the Lord of the Flies. I was very sorry not to be able to offer you a role because you are quite clearly a wonderful actor. In fact, I’m glad that you were cast in another radio production so soon after the reading. You’ve clearly got tonnes of natural talent and I hope that a project will present itself soon in which I can offer you a part. You read really well and responded to the direction very intelligently. I couldn’t fault your performance – they were natural, energetic and well prepared. As I explained at the reading, my casting was slightly ruled by the need to get a very broad mix of voices in the production and unfortunately I simply didn’t have the right part to offer you. Thank you for giving up your time and I hope you have fun on your forthcoming radio project.

Sasha Yevtushenko – Producer, BBC Radio Drama   Adam has recently worked with Sasha Yevtushenko on the BBC drama The Stuarts where he played young King Charles in Charles II.






I am the director who has been working recently with Adam Wright on the short film Lady Luck. Can I start by saying what a joy it was to have Adam on set with us. He is an incredible actor and his talent shines through in everything that we shot with him. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed working with him and how impressed I was with his performance. He was a real professional – focused and consistent when the camera was rolling, and great fun to have around when the camera was not.

I have no doubt that he has a fine career ahead of him, and I for one very much hope to have the opportunity of working with him again!   Award winner at The Monaco International Film Festival for BEST NEWCOMER.

Jo Lewis – Director

lady luck 21.5.13 077 - Copy

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